Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ladies Coupe

Author : Anita Nair
Genre : Fiction - Drama
Picked by :

Anita Nair's story is about journeys - a train journey for Akhila, our middle-aged heroine who's on a quest to discover some answers for her life. But also a journey through her past, and through the lives of her other co-travelers. Through the life stories of the women in her Ladies Coupe, Akhila seeks to find answers to her dilemmas.

Recipes that the Book Inspired:
Ann made counterfeit appams. Also read her review here.
Bhagyashri made aubergine fritters.
Jaya makes Idlis.
Stop by at Sheba's for a lovely review.
Simran made Appams.
Sweatha made cutlets, one food that always reminds you of train journeys.

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