Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Story of This Book Makes Me Cook

In May 2008, Bhags came up with an idea to celebrate her blog's first anniversary. Combining her twin passions of food and books, she invited her readers to try and cook, not from a cookbook, but from novels and books they read. For those who didn't read books, she asked to bring in a dish inspired from a movie.

Foodies sent 12 entries for the first ever This Book Makes Me Cook, nine of them inspired by books. Not surprisingly, half the entries were inspired by food lovers' childhood memories of Enid Blytons. Also not surprising was the Agatha Christie insprired entry that Simran sent in (Bhags herself picked a more serious and contemporary Kite Runner).

Simran enjoyed this combination of reading and cooking so much she decided to do it every month, picking a new book each time. So did Bhags, all excited when Simran shared the idea with her. Simran picked the first book; her favorite Chocolat.

As the two of them wrote about the club, more book lovers asked to join. And then another, and yet one more...the rest, as they say, is history!

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  1. hi!

    loved this idea... the first post i saw was the alice in wonderland on simran's blog n was totally intrigued with the creativity....

    at the first chance i got.... did one for myself Haroun n the Sea of Stories Inspires Vibha's Hoopoe Lemon Cake and really enjoyed it...

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