Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Know Our Members

Bhags, the original brain behind This Book Makes Me Cook (and designer of that cool logo, incidentally) used to blog at Crazy Curry. She's taking a break from blogging at the moment.

Simran, a 30-something Punjabi girl has made Mumbai her home and blogs at Bombay Foodie. Combining her twin passions of cooking simple, yet flavorful food and reading A LOT of books, Simran came up with the idea of turning Bhags' event into a book club.

Rachel blogs at Tangerine's Kitchen.

Siri blogs at Siri's Corner.

Dee's currently on a break from Ammalu's Kitchen.

Aparna, a stay-at-home mom to a 14 year old, blogs at My Diverse Kitchen. They are a vegetarian family who love good food and good books! Cooking from the books ensures that she gets to do two of her favorite things, read and cook!!

Srimathi, the Foody Guru, is the brain behind Few Minute Wonders.

Harini, the Sunshine Mom, isn't reading much at the moment. But do check out her lovely space at Tongue Ticklers.

Sweatha, a bookworm who never wanted to cook, who hated curry leaf and always wasted it, finds herself experimenting with food at Tasty Curry Leaf

Aqua blogs at Served with Love.

Jaya blogs at Desi Soccer Mom.

Ann is the Split Pear-sonality on a cooking journey.

Janaki aka Bluespriite blogs at Let's Eat Healthy.

Sheba is the wandering soul of Fork Boots and Palette.

Bhagyashri blogs at Taste Buds.

PJ blogs at Ginger & Garlic.

Jayasri blogs at Samayal Arai Cooking.

Pamela is the Cooking Ninja.

Adele blogs at Will Work for Biltong.

Marisa blogs at The Creative Pot.

Janki, the Trade Joe fan, blogs at Oeufs Mayonnaise. She lives in Bombay and likes pumpkins and baking.

Unnati is the spirited nut.

Jessica is The Literary Foodie.

Jude blogs at Jude's Juice.

Adriane blogs at Local Foodie.

Gayathri blogs at My Pressure Cooker.

Roshni blogs at The Doux Project. She is an avid cake blogger, ogler, eater, admirer and self-confessed bookworm.

Sarita blogs at The Clean Toothpick.

Charis blogs at Culinary Storm.

Marla blogs at sights, bits and bites.

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  1. I want in! How do I join? I've been searching for a food book, book club for a while now (a year) and am so glad to find you.


    Thank you.
    -Nicole Prince