Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bread Alone

Author : Judith Ryan Hendricks
Genre : Fiction - Romance
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Bread makes you happy. Bread makes you friends. Fresh baked bread, in short, can set most things right. It certainly heals the broken heart of our heroine Wynter. The novel, at first glance, is a typical story of a trophy wife about to be divorced looking for solace in a job that involves baking bread. But there is depth of feeling here. And there is nuance that makes "Bread Alone" a little bit more than yet another romance.

Recipes that the Book Inspired:
Ann makes Cranberry Walnut Short Scones. Also read her review.
Aqua takes the "halve the yeast" message from the book and makes a white bread.
Bhagyashri makes cherry scones.
Janaki tries "halve the yeast" too for her whole wheat bread.
Sheba bakes Patty's Cake.
Simran bakes a sourdough loaf.
Sweatha makes Swirled Nutella Scones.

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