Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tales of a Female Nomad

Author : Rita Golden Gelman
Genre : Non Fiction - Memoirs
Picked by : Jayasri

Rita Golden Gelman is a writer who sold everything she owned after the shock of a divorce and became a nomad. Not a tourist, because Rita stays away from everything that a tourist does and instead, tries to live the lives of people she visits.

Recipes that the Female Nomad inspired:
Aqua made a mango salsa.
Then, go read a fabulous review by Jaya.
Simran made Nasi Goreng


  1. Hey Simran

    I would luv to be a part of this event,cooking & reading are my passions, but here is the problem, i dont have a food blog & i am jst a follower.can i join u all????
    Pls drop me a mail in

  2. just found your club through jaya visiting my blog food for thought, we are on the same wave length! i am cooking every book i read, it has been overwhelming since i read over 100 books a year, BUT incredibly fun, it truly has turned into a way of life... as in exhausting!

    from one avid reader, and eater, to another, i would love if your group linked into food for thought every other saturday. pop in for a visit, all the books i have reviewed are on my sidebar, plus all participants are listed too, prepare yourself for a bunch of mouth watering reviews!

    i hope to see you soon, you are welcome to link in some of your prior books on my linky today, the more the merry, its all about sharing good books and food, see you soon, jain