Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blackberry Wine

Author : Joanne Harris
Genre : Fiction - Drama
Picked by : Simran

Blackberry Wine is the second book of Joanne's food trilogy. The book flips back and forth in time. Between three summers in mid-seventies that a teenaged Jay Mackintosh spent with Jackapple Joe, ex-miner and amateur gardener/winemaker who brings a little of everyday magic to Jay's life. And a time in Jay's life some 20 years later as a has-been writer who is struggling to find himself. A time when Joe enters his life again, in form of six bottles of Joe's fruit wines.

Recipes that Blackberry Wine Inspired:

Simran made Strawberry Preserves.

Siri took the French route and made Savory French Breakfast Muffins.

Sweatha followed Jackapple Joe and made Crushed Potatoes.

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