Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding

Author : Agatha Christie
Genre : Fiction - Mystery/Thriller
Picked by : Harini

Adventures of a Christmas Pudding is a collection of six short stories. This is one of Christie's non-murder books. Well, murders do happen, but not in every story. Yet, each of the six stories is totally gripping. Five of six feature the quirky Hercule Poirot, whose passion for order and neatness borders on obsession. And for the final entree, we have Miss Marple, the entirely adorable old lady who is an equally great detective.

Recipes that the Book Inspired:

Aparna made a cute Polka Dot Pudding.

Harini made a real Christmas Pudding.

Simran made a Chocolate Pecan Pudding.

Sweatha made a Quick Blackberry Tart.

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