Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Language of Baklava

Author : Diana Abu-Jaber
Genre : Non-Fiction - Memoirs
Picked by : Jessica

Diana Abu-Jaber’s vibrant, humorous memoir weaves together stories of the two cultures of Diana's childhood–American and Jordanian–while helping to paint a loving and complex portrait of her impractical, displaced immigrant father who, like many an immigrant before him, cooked to remember the place he came from and to pass that connection on to his children.

Recipes that the book inspired:

Adriane made spinach stuffed fetayer.

Judy made Mona Lisa Cream Puffs.

Sweatha baked Sambusik Cookies.


  1. This is such a great book. Our Cook the Books club really enjoyed reading it last year. She's a wonderful writer.

  2. your food blog is different..quite good collection of food books!!....
    will try to buy and read some from your listed ones!!

  3. Hi! I am loving this idea for a book club. Quick question, I am interested in joining your club but I don't see your book selection for May. Maybe I am missing it?

    Cocina Diary