Sunday, May 31, 2009

Five Quarters of the Orange

Author : Joanne Harris
Genre : Fiction - Drama
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The last book in Joanne Harris' food trilogy, Five Quarters of the Orange is a book about the irreversibility of what wars bring. This is also a book about the most merciless and selfish of the human tribe : the children, whose world so focuses on what they want and need that they shut out the consequences. Some would say they don't know better. Maybe Framboise, our nine year old heroine, did not. But then she returns as a sixty year old to the village of her childhood, to a place scarred by what happened many, many years ago.

Recipes that the Book Inspired:

Aqua made Chicken Stew.

Simran was too lazy this month and just posted a review.

Sweatha made Framboise's Buckwheat Orange Pancakes.

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